Spliki, the 'Anti-Spoiler Wiki,' is a passion project turned startup. Users provide their current place in a long running story and the site uses that information to filter out any future developments as they browse the site. This way, they can read articles with no fear of spoilers.

Spliki was build as a Python/Flask app, persists data in a PostgreSQL database, and runs serverlessly on AWS Lambda.

Approachable Art

An art gallery and store split into two sites. Both are finished, but the store has yet to be populated. These are my first and second Django projects, respectively. Artwork can be displayed in three sizes: thumbnails for browsing, screen-size, and full-size to see fine detail. An admin dashboard allows artists to add/edit/remove works and biographical information.

mind+body birth

The professional site of Julietta Appleton - a childbirth educator and birth hypnosis teacher. This site was created using CakePHP. One of the most important features building it was that it's content be completely editable by the (non-coding) end user. This was accomplished with some specific design decisions and, ultimately, the TinyMCE.js plugin. mind+body birth also benefits from the Zurb Foundation responsive CSS framework. It looks great on phones, tablets, and desktops. The contact form is protected by Google's new NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA.

A Song For All Seasons

Originally a Wordpress blog, this was re-written in Flask to make it a harder target to break into. The admin dashboard allows the end user to make changes with a WYSIWYG style editor.

The Reddit Picture Frame

The idea here was to find a use for extra displays. The frame will look at the top 100 posts in r/all, pick those that link directly to an image, and display them in a random order. After getting to the end of that list (usually between 40 and 50 minutes), it will look at the new top 100 posts and start over.

If you have a spare display, pull this up and leave it running. You will see something new every minute.

To keep bandwidth usage to an absolute minimum The Reddit Picture Frame was written entirely in Javascript. I do not keep a copy of recent images on the server.

Action Bindery

A single page site for a bindery company.

Second Saturday

Second Saturday Staten Island is a monthly art walk on Staten Island, NY. The site was static originally. After recovering the domain and web hosting from its previous owner I wrote the backend in PHP with a MySQL database. The new admin console allows the site maintainers to post updates without mucking about in HTML. A dynamic Google Map was also added to show the locations of sponsors, members, and events.

Note: As of July 2015 this site is under new management and no longer using my code.